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Recycling at Jackson Tower

Most everyone knows some of the reasons for recycling, but for a complete list see the end of the article. At Jackson Tower recyclables can be taken to the garage and placed in the appropriate container. DO NOT drop recyclables in the chute, despite the fact that there are buttons for different materials.

What to Recycle and Where

Jackson Tower has "Co-Mingled", "Newspaper/Paper" and "Cardboard" bins. The "Co-Mingled" and "Newspaper/Paper" bin are on the east wall the basement, and the cardboard bin is on the north wall. Recyclables should not be placed in plastic bags, and especially not in non-transparent plastic bags, which may be thrown out.

Aluminum and metal food containers go into the Co-Mingled bin. Containers should be rinsed, and lids removed.

Waxed paper bevarage containers, such as fruit juice or soy milk containers, CAN be recycled in the Co-Mingled bin. Containers should be rinsed, and lids removed.

Plastics containers marked #1, #2, or #3 go into the Co-Mingled bin. Containers should be rinsed, and lids removed.

Most paper is now recyclable, including office paper, stapled paper, slick/glossy paper (magazines), and even envelopes with plastic windows. DON'T recycle any low-quality paper such as tissue paper, napkins, paper plates or wrappers. And avoid any "unusual" paper such as carbon paper, adhesives (labels), or Tyvek (the fiber reinforced FedEx envelopes). Covers should be removed from hardcover books. All paper should be recycled in the "Newspaper/Paper" bin.

Corrugated Cardboard boxes should be broken down and placed in the cardboard bin.

Glass food containers (not light bulbs or window/mirror glass) can go in the Co-Mingled bin, but currently our recycling company does not recycle glass. But our contract requires them to pick it up. However because we only have two Co-Mingled containers, glass often causes the containers to fill.

The city of Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale are recycling glass. Some is being used to make sand as part of a beach replenishment project. Glass containers can be taken to the large blue containers near the police station on Wilton Drive. Glass containers should be rinsed, and lids removed.

Plastic film, such as plastic bags and bubble wrap, as long as it is clean and light colored (not black) can be recycled in the green bins in front of Publix, or at some Winn-Dixie stores.

Styrofoam packaging material (beads or "pop corn") can be taken to the UPS Store on Las Olas, or Fedex on US1., and probably other shipping stores.

Stytogoam Egg cartons and take-out food cartons can be recycled at most Publix stores, also in the green bins in front of the store.

Cell phones and rechargeable batteries can be recycled at Best Buy on US1 south of Oakland Park.

Please contact the city or condo office about disposing of paints and other chemicals.

Why Recycle?

  • Recycling reduces the of material that goes into the waste stream. In Florida, trash is either sent to a landfill or incinerated. Incineration causes carbon dioxide (global warming) and other toxins to enter the atmosphere. Landfills in Florida are filling up, and are not ideal because of the low water table
  • Recycling preserves natural resources used to create the recycled product. Newspapers are made from trees.
  • Most recycling creates more jobs than processing the equivalent raw material.
  • Most recycling requires less energy than processing the equivalent raw material. From, recycling one ton of paper can save 7,000 gallons of water to 17 trees to 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • Recycling promotes efficient and globally-aware thinking.
  • Recyclables are cheaper to pickup than waste, saving Jackson Tower money.
  • Recycling is fun!